Feedee – Information on the Eating Fetish

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A feedee is another name for a feeder or a person that deliberately gains weight because of metal or emotional issues that create a positive feeling for the subject when they gain excessive amounts of weight. The feedee will have what is more commonly known as a fat fetish. Sexual gratification through weight gain is how the feedee relieves sexual tension either own their own or through partnering with another feedee. There is a big difference between fat fetishism and fat acceptance because generally people you are obese or overweight know that they have a problem with weight. Fat acceptance is not of sexual nature and is nothing to do with deliberately gaining weight such as a feedee will do. The feedee is to the feeder.

The feedee will generally be the submissive partner in the relationship and uses their eating and being forced to eat to sexually gratify their partner. Feedee followings have their own social websites and other informal way of gathering and meeting with each other. There have been many horrific stories of men preying on feedee aka gainers who are not themselves interested in the feedee fetish but use the sites to satisfy their own needs through manipulation and deception. Luckily however there are also support groups and psychological counseling for many who wish to break bad habits.

The sexual act of feedee and feeders through eating is said to be very disrespectful to the normally women that are the feedee. These women are degraded and used until fat fetish is no longer fun for the feeder or until the feedee starts to have complications from being excessively overweight. Generally feedee websites are of a sexual content and should not be viewed by people under 18 years of age or 21 years in some states of America.

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Health Risks Of Being Overweight

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Feedees are people who gain pleasure while eating or by feeding somebody else. According to feedees, a person is more beautiful and attractive when having many extra pounds. There is no problem in the fact that some people may enjoy being fat or may be more attracted to overweight people. Still, both feedees and feeders should know that there are numerous health risks of being overweight or obese. In this article you will be able to find out which are the main such risks.

What being overweight means?

An individual is considered to be overweight when he eats more calories than what his body burns, calories that are stored on his body as fat. Even though a couple of extra pounds in body fat is not considered to be a risk for individuals, it is important to know that when more and more fat is built up on your body, numerous health issues can be experienced.


Below you can find a list of the main health problems that can be linked to obesity.

1. Blount disease is a condition caused by excess fat. When this disease is developed the excess weight can actually lead to bone deformity of the lower legs. It is most commonly connected with growing bones, being mostly found on children suffering from obesity, but adults can be affected by this disease, as well.

2. Arthritis can easily be developed due to the excess fat that is carried by individuals diagnosed with obesity. It can cause painful joint problems.

3. Asthma is another disease common in overweight people. Obesity is commonly associated with breathing problems, making it hard for people to walk or exercise. In the most severe cases, patients can find it hard to get up of bed or even move.

4. High blood pressure is very common in overweight people. The disease is developed when the heart and arteries do not work as they should. When blood pressure is high, the heart must pump harder.

5. High cholesterol can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, being an extremely serious condition that is quite common among people suffering from obesity.

6. Heart disease and stroke are more likely to affect overweight people, too. The unfortunate reality is that being overweight can also have an important contribution to angina development. This leads to sudden death from heart disease, in some cases with no signs or symptoms.

7. Diabetes is very common among overweight people, too. Diabetes can actually be a cause of death, heart disease, kidney disease, but also stoke and blindness. Statistics indicate that overweight people are at an increased risks of developing diabetes.


Even though all the aforementioned diseases are serious conditions, it is important to know that they are not the only diseases which can be developed due to obesity. There are many other conditions that could be listed here. One of them is cancer. It is a well known fact that various types of cancer are associated with being overweight. They include uterus, cervix, ovary, breast and colon cancer in women, and colon, rectum and prostate cancer, in men. Sleep apnea is another serious condition associated with being overweight. This disease causes a person to stop breathing for short periods of time while sleeping.

Now that you know all health risks of being obese, you can make a better choice when it comes to adopting this lifestyle or not. After all, you may even risk your life.

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Feedees And Feeders – Concepts Of Fat Fetishes

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Feedees and feeders are both part of the concept of taking pleasure out of fat and out of eating. The first term refers to the person who gains pleasure from being fat, while the latter is connected with taking that pleasure through feeding someone else. There are many concepts involved here, through which the idea of the fat fetishism has been described. Terms to be used in connection to this fetish showcase the fact that, in general, women are the feedees, while men usually become feeders. As a practice, fat fetishism and overfeeding have been always placed under a lot of controversy, due to the fact that many organizations have stated the fact that the feedees are probably coerced into the process.

Feederism is the general concept through which the sexual relationship is described. The pleasure gained in the process is actually connected to eating, rather than to any other normal bodily sexual stimulants. Therefore, the entire process is based on eating and on observing it, in order to become aroused sexually. There are several ways through which feederism is initiated, but most of the times, it becomes a combination of them. These are the following: feeding, serving, encouraging eating and becoming fatter. A combination of all these steps would involve a feeder providing food and encouragement for the feedeee, while admiring the process of weight gaining.


From the two concepts of the way in which a person with this fetish can act, there are even more implications that can be considered. Truth of the matter is that, there are many more approaches to the fat fetishism, not just the one which involves someone feeding another person and making them get fatter and fatter. Finally, the point is that the whole process is based on sexual pleasure and on a type of stimulation that is hard to understand for all people. Fat admiration, padding, inflation, stuffing, gaining and immobility are all developing stages of the fat fetishism, just as feederism is.


In the case of feedees, there are many issues to be considered. One of the first aspects is connected to the fact that these people may too gain pleasure from becoming fat and from being fed by someone else with large quantities of food. However, this is not always the case and some just find themselves in this situation when they reach a point of no return. In the case of feeders, their derivation of sexual pleasure has always been placed under scrutiny, due to the fact that they are not the ones to gain weight and probably to develop serious medical conditions, they are simple observers who gain pleasure out of gaining control over another life from all possible points of view.

The finality of the relation between a feedee and a feeder is that the life of the first one can be damaged completely. However, this is not a matter of interference from the exterior, due to the fact that actual feedees also enjoy being fed and becoming fat. Therefore, as they also strive to find sexual pleasure in the process, just as the feeders, there are no reasons for implications. People should keep in mind that this is one of the sexual pleasures that people have and that they should not be quick to judge a feeder, nor a feedee, as for them this is a normal lifestyle and something that brings them pleasure.

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Being A Feedee Has An Explanation

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A feedee is an individual who gains pleasure by eating huge amounts of food and by putting on weight. Such a person has many unsolved emotional problems that usually start during childhood, but such an individual hasn’t managed to get over them. It’s an interesting phenomenon for psychiatrists and psychologists, taking into consideration that this takes place in a world where looking good and being slim are a popular trend. Nonetheless, it seems that this doesn’t stop someone to put on weight, although is endangering his life. Usually, when someone eats a lot  without being able to follow a diet or doesn’t want to, it means that he still has some lacks of affection or many unsolved problems in his life. Moreover, such a person has no self-esteem and confidence, finding her refuge in food, which is not the solution.

These people need the support of their families and friends, else if, they will have huge health disorders, risking their lives. Additionally, they have to confront with their problems, no matter how painful it will be. They should be assisted by a psychologist who will discuss with them, will ask the right questions that will guide them to find the answer to their problems. Usually, psychotherapy will last a few months, or even years until they will recover, depending on their personality and on the problems they were confronted with. Nevertheless, they will find a lot of things about them and will get to understand how this problem started and why, but will also find out which are the best solutions to get through this difficult moment and have a normal life. Usually, these people are isolated by society and rejected as well, but we should ask ourselves which is the cause that determined them to look this way and have such a life.

We tend to accuse and to reject what we don’t understand, but if we would know the exact cause, we would probably have a different opinion about a feedee. Studies have shown that a feedee is a person who has been abused, abandoned, had a horrible life, so we should understand these people. The phenomenon is still studied and specialists try to discover as many things as possible about these people and to find solutions to their problems. Nevertheless, psychotherapy is not enough, they should also consult a nutritionist and an endocrinologist that will help them lose weight, have a wonderful life again and a great self-confidence.

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Feedee Concept And Studies

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Feedee is a new concept related to people who deliberately want to gain weight due to their emotional unsolved problems. Such an individual satisfies its sexual tension through eating a lot and so, he gains weight. This term is also known as a fat fetish. There are many horrible stories about the lives and problems of these individuals. Plus, such a person is fed by a different one, who also gains a huge pleasure. This problem has started to be intensely studied as many cases were reported. Additionally, more and more individuals had sever health problems, but also mental. Those affected by this problem need psychotherapy in order to understand themselves and the reasons why they do this. Plus, they have to understand that this is not healthy for them and that their partners also have a problem.

Nonetheless, they have to be consulted both by a nutritionist and an endocrinologist as their body has huge problems, so they have to undergo many medical tests to see what is happening and what treatment and diet they need to follow. Such a process lasts pretty long, so they have to be patient and to also have a huge ambition. It will not be very easy for them to rediscover themselves through psychotherapy and to start a new life, with a right partner for them.

To get over these problems, such individuals have to be encouraged and they have to know the importance and the role of each stage of their treatment. Psychologists and psychiatrists all around the world are all very interested in this topic. Plus, they have a very difficult role when they try to cure a feedee, but without them, recovering wouldn’t be possible. Studies have shown that usually, those who become a feedee, have been abused, have divorced and generally, they had a sad life. With the help of specialists, many of them managed to solve their problems, to become very slim and to have a good life, completely different from what they used to have. It was difficult at the beginning, but in a short time, they managed to overcome these problems. Understanding which were the causes, it was easier for them to recover and become normal and happy individuals again.

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Complications Of The Feedee State

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The state of the feedee is the one that refers to a person who is fed massive amounts of food by someone else, from which they both gain a sort of sexual pleasure. The disorder came into the attention of the world more and more in the past few years, as numerous reports came out about the feedee having various problems related to their health or to their comfort. The complications of the feedee state have been placed on the fact that, once with the growth of body mass, the rest of the functions of the person in general have been damaged severely.

Most people wonder how could others end in the position of the feedee. The reason why these people did not have a reaction to the fact that they were reduced to the state of the feedee comes from the fact that they actually liked that process. Unfortunately for them, the affection of the psychological function was greater through creating that fetishism type of pleasure along with the person serving the food for the feedee. The  complications start at this point in the initial state and they can only be stopped by the pure realization of the person that he or she has become overweight and ill. The most feared complications are those related to the health of the feedee. In this case, the variation of negative results that can appear is greater than can be imagined. With the massive amount of extra weight and with the sedentary body come all the possible health issues, from fractures to heart attacks and even more.

The feedee is a state out of which many people cannot come out. The idea is that these people require help and a strong degree of encouragement and of support in order to overcome all the aspects of the problem. Even so, the follow up process, which is meant to completely remove someone out of the feedee state, is a very consuming and prolonged one, that can be stretched over the course of many years, during which the person will be submitted to a variety of treatments.

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How Donna Became A Feedee

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Donna is a feedee that agreed to share her story and to tell more about her life and what transformed her into a feedee. For those of you who do not know, a feedee is a person who gains pleasure while eating or feeding somebody else. The sexual pleasure of a feedee derives from seeing someone indulge in goodies or doing that on his own and seeing fat people or being a fat person. Donna became a feedee after she finally meet her better half. In her childhood, she grew up with abusing parents and she was extremely unhappy. She was often beaten and abused and she could hardly wait to move out. At 16 years old, Donna received a waitressing job and moved all alone. After a short while, she met someone and at 18 years old, Donna was already married. The man she married is not the man that transformed her into a feedee thanks to his love.

She divorced 2 years later and at 20 years old, Donna was far from becoming a feedee, slim and single. She took a job as a housekeeper and for the next 25 years she did not become emotionally attached to anyone else. After some many years of suffering she was still not able to get involved with a man after brief relationships. At 45 she was great looking, but single. One day, she met Pete, a man that she could easily talk to and with whom she seemed to get along very well.

When she met him, Donna did not knew that she would later in their relationship become a feedee. Pete was a passionate cook and they often spent evenings together with him cooking for her. She rapidly fell in love with him and his good manners. Soon after this, Donna suffered from hepatitis and Pete started taking care of her. She was on bed rest and slowly, she became a feedee. Pete fed her all the time and their sex life improved as she got fatter and fatter. After being cured, she still remained on bed rest and she continues her life this way. Donna is now obese, but thanks to this, her and Pete’s sex lives are amazing. She enjoys being a feedee and he is very turned on by her this way.

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Feedee And Overeating

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Although many people might be outraged by this, but not everyone dreams about being thin. Some people actually believe that being fat is extremely beautiful and gaining more weight is a purpose for them. Even if there may be some people shocked by this fact, feedees want to get fatter and they have a very good opinion about their looks and bodies. A feedee is a person who wants to gain excessive weight, which for him or her actually is a synonym to beauty.

Some specialists actually claim that there are women who consider that gaining weight is a way to sexual fulfillment. A feedee is most likely going to have a feeder, who will watch her eating, telling her how much should she eat. However, that is not absolutely necessarily, a feedee can also eat without her feeder watching the whole process. And the feedee is very happy in this situation, as she can really eat as much as she wants, without having to worry about her looks and what others will think. A feedee will only care about gaining fat and weight, while losing the extra pounds would be something devastating for such a person. The feedee is going to be satisfied about her body and looks only the moment when she has excessive body fat. Overeating is going to be an everyday habit for the feedee.

Many men love overweight women and for them offering their wives plenty of foods, until becoming feedees, is actually going to become a purpose. These men are also known under the name of feeders. Feeders can find numerous online guides on how to feed their women, to help them gain as much weight as possible. Since some women are naturally thinner, taller or ever shorter than others, the feeder will have to make an eating plan for its feedee. A basic rule that the feeder has to keep in mind is that he has to encourage his feedee to eat as much as possible. The feedee should always eat more than a normal portion. Overstuffing the feedee is another rule for an increase in weight. Snacks between meals are always going to help someone gain more body fat.

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Feedee – A Psychological Concept

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With the evolution of our modern society, numerous cases of all sorts of curious behaviors have surfaced. It is hard to understand why some people start indulging in unhealthy or immoral acts, but you should know that these are primarily based on a psychological issue. The thing to remember is that this strange experiences can be triggered by an unfortunate event and that people suffering from conditions like this should be helped and not frowned upon. Helping is always the best way to tend to this matter, but there are many cases in which the ones that suffer do not want to be helped, as they believe that the experiences and risks they take can make them happy. This is the case where you could most likely include the feedee type of people. The feedee is a person who loves being fat and gaining as much weight as possible. In our modern times, this may seem strange to most individuals, as one of the most driving elements of our lives is to be thinner. However, the feedee concept is more and more present, as, probably, one of the many side effects of the representation of skinny figures as perfect body images.

People should be able to understand that the feedee drives a great passion from gaining weight and that one of the best experience of their days is just sitting at home and eating as much as they possibly can. We have all seen numerous news on television or on the Internet of people from the feedee category that have gained so much weight that they cannot move. This is one of the most dangerous effects of the feedee concept. The person that is a feedee may gain so much weight that makes it impossible to move in case something bad happens. This psychological condition is very frequent among Americans. The concept of being a feedee has also led to the evolution of the feeder idea. This type of person is the one that gains pleasure by feeding another person as much as possible.   

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The Feedee Phenomenon

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Feedee or fat fetishism is the strong or exclusive attraction to overweight or obese people. As well as traditional attraction, feedee also involves feederism and gaining, meaning that sexual gratification is obtained via the process of putting on weight and body fat. The feedee is the person who has a fetish of gaining weight and derives sexual pleasure from it. The feedees will eat unbelievable amounts of food and more often than not, will seek the help of a feeder, who is the sexual partner. 

In 2009, researchers have made a study according to which heterosexual male fat admirers preferred females that were clinically overweight and rated both overweight and obese women more positively than slimmer individuals. Though sometimes a feedee is considered a sexual preference, within the context of sexual fetishism, fat admiration or chubby-chasing describes a sexual relationship where both of the members obtain gratification from being with an overweight person.

Some people involved in the fat acceptance movement argue that feedee, or fat fetishism, undermines the social movements towards overweight acceptance, through counter-productive objectification and dehumanization of overweight people. These people also say that the feedee derive sexual pleasure from increasing immobility, disability, or helplessness in the fat person through weight gain.The people involved in the fat acceptance movement have another reason to dismiss the idea of feedee. They claim that it comes in contrast to the promoted ideas of equality.

Somehow, the “feedee” phenomenon is an act of discrimination against those who are overweight. At the same time, these people believe that the feeders use coercion to get feedees to eat as much as possible. It is doubtful if the feeders actually take pleasure in seeing the feedee eat these incredible amounts of food. Many may not be aware of it, but this constant excess of food can lead to serious health problems, such as heart failure and stomach aches.

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Feedee – Fat Fetishism

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Being overweight may be the worst nightmare to some people, but for others, obesity is their dream. This is because there are many people out there who have developed fat fetishism, or feederism. A feedee person takes pleasure in eating and being fed, or in watching other people eat and feeding them. This is why the partner of a feedee, whether it is a woman or a man, will be overweight, to say the least. However, some people just do not realize that a feedee can develop severe medical problems. Or they just do not care, as the arousing level is too high to keep that in mind.

A feedee will use several techniques to be turned on, but no matter what he/she chooses, the greatest pleasure will come from food. Among the ‘techniques’ used by a feedee, the most popular ones are stuffing, padding, inflation and gaining. You will also hear several specific terms or abbreviations, like BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) or SSBBW (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman). For a feedee, the age does not really matter. What matters is the weight, which has to be as high as possible. There have also been many debates around the subject, because some people consider feedee as a fat fetishism, while others say that it is just a strong preference and not a fetish. Nevertheless, a feedee is regarded as a crazy person by most members of the society.

However, a feedee can easily find a partner online. There are numerous websites where feedee persons are available for chatting, and you can even watch videos of them. A 25 year-old American became famous for this exact reason, as her photos and videos circled the world. She says that eating helps her reach climax. She is a classical example of a feedee. If you do an online search, you will come across many more feedee stories, written by both men and women who wanted to share their experiences. We have to accept, thus, that feedee persons exist, and we must not judge them for being who they are. It is the reality of the times that we live in, and there is nothing we can do about it.

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