Feedee – Before and After

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A feedee is a person who has a fetish of gaining weight and derives sexual pleasure from it. Feedees will eat large amounts of food, and usually they will seek the help of a feeder, who is the sexual partner. Usually in the case of this particular fetish, the actual act of eating itself is a sexual act and can either be used as a prelude, or a substitute for sex.

Before Becoming a Feedee

Sometimes feedees are already large or overweight before they decide to use it to their advantage and start enjoying the feedee fetish. However in most cases, feedees are of average weight and build before becoming obsessed with the fetish. The fact is that they most likely enjoyed the look of the fetish, whether it be their larger breasts or their extra flaps of skin, long before they actually started eating to partake in the fetish themselves.

After Becoming a Feedee

However, unlike many sexual fetishes, the fetish of being a feedee or enabling a feedee is very dangerous. It’s no secret that things such as obesity and weight are huge problems in today’s society. And the fetish of being a feedee greatly perpetuates the problem. And in fact, it’s such a huge issue that the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance is very outspoken in their criticism of feederism, which is the official name of the fetish.

Often times, feederism also involves one person placing pressure on someone else so that they can become larger, even if it’s against their wishes.

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