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There are so many interesting stories about the feedee and the feeders that are posted on the Internet. Traditionally the feedee is the subject that the feeder takes advantage of by feeding them to extremes in a way that they get over weight very quickly. For partners in this situation it is a turn on for both the people in the relationship with the feedee enjoying the attention of being feed and the feeder enjoying the control and position of power.

The first story starts out innocently enough however this ends in tragedy as the woman in the tale is used and abused. In the beginning her new man that she finds on the Internet is everything that she wanted, smart, a business man and very handsome. This bad person takes advantage of her innocence and starts to encourage her to eat more so that she can gain weight. Even though their relationship is non- sexual she believes that eating excessive amounts of food will give her the sex appeal so that he will become her lover.

This young lady eats and eats going from a slender yet muscular 72 kilograms to a massive size of 130 kilograms in just 6 months. Her skin stretched from the excessively quick weight gain that she experienced and her body would not take the abuse much longer making her feel sick and lethargic all of the time. From a fitness fanatic to a couch potato, this poor feedee girl had hit rock bottom, or had she?

After this manipulation was complete the evil partner had other plans in mind for our naive young lady friend and told her simply that he would prefer her to be an amputee so that he could love her even more. She could not understand why he would want this however being lead by love she found an underground doctor that would do the surgery and had one of her legs removed. Only once did she see her man again when he came back to see how easily it was to manipulate a woman into doing anything that he wanted.

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